This is one of those blog posts where 99% of you will say "Huh, he's actually blogging about this?" It's true this might be one of the easiest things in the world to figure out but for those who've asked me already, and for those who might in the future, here's how you activate Safari's developer tools.

Open Safari's preferences window (command + comma) and click on the Advanced tab in the upper right. At the bottom of the resulting screen there will be a checkbox you can click to activate the developer tools. This will allow a new "Develop" option to show in Safari's menu bar.

Now that you have the tools activated read this overview and this detailed article to ensure you're getting the most from the Safari 4.

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2 Responses to Activating the Developer Tools in Safari 4 Beta

  1. dave

    It took me a bit to find it as well and while I have never been to fond of safari I frickin love this beta, now if we can get some cf love in the dev tools...

  2. gakaki

    good thank you for this