I haven't upgraded my blog software (BlogCFC) since 2006. I've written several customizations that until recently have made it a huge burden to migrate to Ray's latest enhancements without losing my own additions and changes. Last weekend I decided enough was enough and I made a personal goal to get everything running on 5.9.3 before Monday. It wasn't easy but with the help of some nice tools I was able to reach my goal.

I'll post a later entry on the tools I used that made the upgrade process painless. I'll also provide custom MySQL scripts I wrote to upgrade the database architecture, just like I did before. In the meantime, here's a short list of what has been added and changed:

  • now using CFFORMPROTECT by Jake Munson
  • comments are no longer moderated now that CFFORMPROTECT is being used
  • I've never used Captcha because it really annoys me. I left LylaCaptcha turned off when upgrading thinking CFFORMPROTECT would be enough. It wasn't. I've activated LylaCaptcha for the first time to see if it helps curb comment spam. I hope to be able to turn it off in the future but if it allows me to keep comments unmoderated, it'll stay on.
  • my Blog title has changed which is reflected in the title in your browser's address bar and in RSS readers. I made this change to help with organic positioning in search engines.
  • Gravatars have been enabled
  • Search results have been enhanced with search term highlighting
  • Tweetbacks will display on entry pages if they exist. This was made possible by Adam Tuttle's SweetTweets which includes ShrinkURL by Andy Matthews.
  • the ability to print blog entries has been removed. The printouts look ridiculous, and I'm trying to discourage the use of paper. Plus, with tools like the Evernote Safari web clipper, printing is so 1985.
  • an RSS bug has finally been squashed that was responsible for sending me 20 or so error e-mails a week. This bug didn't impact readers (on the site or via news readers), it just annoyed me to no end. You're probably familiar with this bug if you've gotten an e-mail from your BlogCFC blog about the variable categoryNames being undefined.

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  1. Regarding spam control you should try using akismet. Its pretty sweet, check out: http://devnulled.com/software/cfakismet/