Given how often I use Evernote for work and personal activities I'm quite surprised I've never blogged about it. I want to put an end to that right now and talk about one of Evernote's useful features, Web clipping.

I add notes into Evernote all the time. Whether I'm taking notes in meetings, doing research on what camera case to buy, or grabbing a quick screenshot of a map for use later on my iPhone, Evernote has become a critical component of my computer use. As I add or change content in Evernote on one computer, it is synced with my account on evernote.com, all my other Macs, and my iPhone!

A feature I've been using more and more is the Web page clipper tool. This browser add on is supported on several platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux and in numerous browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. To activate the Web Clipper on Mac, open Evernote's preferences window (command + comma) and select the "Clipping" tab. From here you can add the clipper to Safari or Firefox.

The Web clipper tool was updated in March bringing some useful new features. Here's a quick run down of what you can do.

Clip portions of a Web page

Select a portion of the on-screen content (this can be text and images) and press the Evernote elephant icon. The text and images you selected will be clipped to a new note.

Clip entire Web page content

Make sure you have no Web content selected and press the elephant icon. A new note will be created with all the Web page content including text and images. Stylesheets will be removed to make the note conform to your text options in Evernote. All hyperlinks will be preserved and you can press them to return to the Web site any time.

Clip entire Web page content as a PDF (my favorite)

I use Evernote and Skitch to take screenshots of just about anything. Until Evernote's March update, neither of these tools supported screenshots of scrolling Web pages. Now, you can hold down shift and then click the elephant icon. A new nicely-formatted PDF note will appear in Evernote that includes all text, images, and styles. This is great for saving a copy of a Web page exactly as it appeared in your browser, scrolling and all.

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2 Responses to Evernote Web Clipper Overview

  1. dave

    I used to use evernote as well but switched in dec to littlesnapper http://www.realmacsoftware.com/littlesnapper/ (was just in the macheist bundle as well) and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it!

    I used use paparazzi to get the full page screens but littlesnapper does it or parts of it, or a window or you can drap and drop images into it. The reason why I got it was of the file storage, you can set up folders, collections, smart folders, etc.. so for example I can have a web dev folder and have collections like cfm tuts, cfm docs, apache docs, etc.. you can use tags as well and it had a basic editor to blur out sections or add text and then you can upload it to a few places, I use their service and I will give link to show that.

    I got it to really just capture and organize tutorials as I was doing what you are doing and then saving them somewhere but really that is a major PITA! And this fixes that.

    The real gem here is say I am working on a layout for a site and I can sceenie ps and 1 click upload it for a client and easily add notes.

    here is an example uploaded with their service (which is free) showing the littlesnapper app.


  2. The Evernote web clipper can even be used on mobile devices. I used iCloud to transfer it from my Mac to my iPhone.

    Now when I discover something interesting while browsing the web, I just tap the Evernote bookmark in Safari.