SanDisk Gets Props for Better Packaging

Posted by Aaron West at 8:00 AM in General

I ordered a Canon G10 camera last week and it arrived yesterday. Aside from all the giddiness of another gadget in the house I was really excited to finally, finally see a company do something about plastic packaging. For decades many simple products have been packaged into a super protective sheath of environment-killing plastic.

Packaging such as this:

My camera came with a kit that included a Lowepro carrying case and a 4 GB SanDisk SDHC memory card. SanDisk gets mad props for being one of the first companies I've seen do something about their packaging practices. They're now shipping their memory cards with MUCH less plastic. Kudos SanDisk!!

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7 Responses to SanDisk Gets Props for Better Packaging

  1. Cool! Go San Disk.

    I'm no green nazi but I can say the other day, we bought something the other day that was similarly packaged and I remember giving a small w00t for that.

    It sure makes it a lot easier to recycle. Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Living with Ed on the green channel... ( www.livingwithed.net/ )

    But I definitely notice this and tend to sway my purchasing options towards better packaged goods. It just makes sense all the way around.


  2. @Dan - I couldn't agree more. Every little bit we as stewards of this planet do to help the environment, helps. I love seeing companies take a stand and be progressive about how they impact the world.

  3. I highly appreciate your reference to the environmental issues, it is not a kind of thing I would ever dream of seeing on a software development blog, so thanks, and I totally second SanDisc's move. It's small things that really matter...

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  5. That is definitely great to see Sandisk become more environmentally friendly with their packaging. A lot less packaging, and it still does the job perfectly. More companies need to follow suit and use less plastic on their packaging. great post. thanks

  6. bonquiqui123

    wat the heck are you talking about!look at the small little memory card and loo at all that paper around it! You are blind man, blind!

  7. J2

    Well, paper grows on trees and can be recycled ... and Sansa can't sell tiny chips the size of a breadcrumb without some kind of packaging.