It's been 9 years since I started using ColdFusion and 7 since I began serving the community as a member of Team Macromedia for ColdFusion, now the Adobe Community Expert program. After all these years programming in ColdFusion and being intimately involved in the CF community I've decided to hang up my hat and take down my Adobe Community Expert badge.

I've been thinking about this for quite some time and it's not been an easy decision to make. I've simply come to the realization that ColdFusion isn't the best language for rapid development of enterprise-class Web applications. It's just not for me anymore. I've read all the "ColdFusion is dead" blog posts and forum threads and for the longest time they just didn't make since to me. Well, now they do. I've seen the light. I haven't decided what I'll start using as my primary development language but I'll definitely miss all the great folks in the ColdFusion community. Adios. Oh, one more thing - April fools!

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11 Responses to I've Decided Not to Use ColdFusion Anymore

  1. AHHHH, you got me.... shucks --- and LOL

  2. I thought I was prepared for today, but I've been proven wrong.

  3. Adam

    May I suggest COBOL, sure it's been out of fashion for a few years but I hear the hip kids are getting back into it, it's got a really concise syntax and is ideal for small web apps :)

  4. @Adam - Sure, you can suggest COBOL. But, you'd be too late. I programmed in COBOL for four years during my time in college/university. I think I'm one of the few people on earth who actually enjoyed writing COBOL. Seriously.

  5. Adam

    wow, you don't look that old ;)

  6. @Adam - LOL, I'm not sure if that's a compliment or what! I attended college in the mid 90's, right in the thick of what I consider the COBOL heyday (Y2K scare). That said, I'm not old... early thirties.

  7. Kola

    Man you got me as well!

  8. dave

    me too!
    I'm selling my 4 month old MacBook Pro for $100 and getting a Dell and I can't wait to load up Vista and get rockin on some .net!

  9. Mauricio

    Dang-it! I fell for it.

  10. Steve Howard

    yeah - COBOL. I remember that. There's like, what, 27 reserved words, 43 functions and a lovely fixed procedural layout. Gotta love it. Sounds perfect for web development. Nice and simple for a simple guy like me ;-)

  11. I'm glad I was able to at least catch a few people off guard. I knew the blog post would come as a pretty big shock to anyone who's met me or read anything on this blog. It was a fun post to write.