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A co-worker of mine, Andy Matthews, has released a new AIR application I think everyone should check out. Shrinkadoo, an HTML/Ajax/ColdFusion powered AIR application integrates with a slew of URL shortening services to bring the functionality to your desktop. Andy's app is super small and lightweight and makes it really easy to quickly shorten those nasty URLs you want to put in e-mail, blogposts, or on Twitter. Other than the URL shortening itself my favorite features so far are the integrated feedback form and the auto application updates. Andy has a ton of ideas on where he wants to take the application but be sure and let him know what you think after you install it. Simply hover over the minimize/close buttons to see a slide out menu of extra features (nice!). Press the envelope icon, type up your comments and press submit!

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  1. grover

    And what is the point of the app? Why does it need CF?

  2. @grover - The point of the app was mentioned in the post; to offer a desktop service for easily shrinking complicated / long URLs into small, easily distributable URLs. As far as ColdFusion goes, Andy is using his own shrinkURL ColdFusion Component to do all the heavy lifting. shrinkURL is available via

  3. grover

    I still can't see the point. Why there is some middleware in form of CF service? Do I need CF to run this app?
    All request/response and "heavy lifting", whatever it is, could be done in the air app, without using someones service.

  4. @grover - You are correct that all the URL shortening (heavy lifting portions of the app - as described by me) could be done directly in the AIR app. The main reason Andy decided to use ColdFusion is because he had already written a URL shortening integration service called shrinkURL. Why rewrite all this code in the AIR app when his AIR app can make HTTP calls to his own ColdFusion service in order to tap into shrinkURL.

    You do not need anything other than the Adobe Integrated Runtime in order to use Shrinkadoo. The app makes calls to Andy's ColdFusion server which in turn makes calls to the various URL shortening services. I don't know how else to describe this; I hope this helps.

  5. Just saw this post (thanks for the props Aaron).

    Grover...all of the functionality inside shrinkURL (the CFC component) could easily be rewritten to be completely self-contained inside Shrinkadoo (the AIR app). However, since I add services to shrinkURL on a regular basis, I didn't want to update TWO sets of code with changes. Also, by running all requests through the CFC I don't even HAVE to update the AIR app when I add a new service. The AIR app simply downloads the entire list of services each time it fires up.