I'm not a designer but I definitely consider myself a thinker, strategist, and decision maker. All of these roles have relevance in Scott Stevenson's blog post Measuring the Design Process. After posting a link to Scott's blog post on FriendFeed Deke Smith and I started discussing our thoughts in Facebook comments. The discussion got interesting so I decided to move it here in case others want to chime in. Here's where we are so far, feel free to post your own thoughts in the comments.

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  1. @Deke - I agree with most of your thoughts Deke except perhaps that a vision starts with a concrete idea.

    At Dealerskins we come up with ideas all the time. Notice I said "ideas" and not "good ideas." Most of our ideas are really basic to start and through creative discussion and brainstorming we give them substance and meaning. Rarely are these visions concrete.

    Many times we discover our ideas are bad or simply don't add anything of value for our customers. Where we find success however, is when ideas become visions through the efforts of strategists, designers, programmers, and our upper executives who understand the industry.

    With respect to Apple and Microsoft, I simply think Apple takes more risk. They're less guarded in the idea evolution and thus create (in my opinion) better products and services. They also fail more (ironically) than Microsoft. That's simply a result of putting yourself out there and be willing to try things.