I upgraded my Grand Central account to Google Voice this week and I've been playing with the new features. Here are a few of my favorites.

The interface (not a favorite but thought I'd mention it)

The Google Voice interface will feel right at home if you're a Gmail user. There's an inbox, a history menu, trash, and a filter to show starred items, all of which are present in Gmail. The SMS view (more on this later) shows in threaded format which is one of the strongest features of Gmail. Overall, it's nice to see Google finally do something with the interface. The Grand Central UI was quite bad and while Google doesn't have the best user experience folks on staff they do a better job than most.

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2 Responses to Quick Overview of Google Voice

  1. Lou Sesti

    I have a question about Google Voice (GV) that hopefully you will answer ... once I set the number for GV to ring to can I change that periodically as I may want to direct it to another number and then after that back to my first number, etc ???

  2. @Lou - Yes, you can. In fact, you can have your GV number ring multiple phones/numbers at the same time.