From time to time folks contact me about job openings wondering if I know anyone looking for work. Given todays economy I'm surprised I don't know more folks who are looking! I received another job opening today and wanted to blog it since I don't know of anyone who's immediately available. If you are interested in this senior designer / developer job that requires skills in planning, conceptualizing, and creating interactive projects please contact Chris Spintzyk at cspintzyk [AT] everestusa [DOT] com. In the interest of full disclosure, Everest is a recruiting firm and other than phone calls here and there I have no direct experience with them.

Basic information about this opportunity:

  • Flash and Web site design skills are necessary
  • A strong eye and skill for design for the Web is a plus
  • A high level of object-oriented ActionScripting, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Experience in design implementation into interactive projects with an eye for detail.
  • Looking for a real problem solver, nothing is impossible attitude.
  • Any additional technical skills will be a major consideration for this job role.
  • Key Performance Areas include ActionScript, Flash IDE, HTML, CSS, Client satisfaction, commercial procedures

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