Reading through the CFBloggers feed the other day I noticed the first round of CFUnited 2010 speakers had been announced. I clicked through to the CFUnited blog and noticed my ColdFusion 9 caching submission had been accepted. While it seems like CFUnited 2010 is 9.4605284 × 10^15 meters in the future (points to the first person who knows how long this is) I'm looking forward to the opportunity to attend again. I really enjoyed this years conference which was the first time I had been back to CFUnited since 2006 as well as my first time speaking at the conference. The sessions were great, the food, company, and beer were fantastic and I even found time to play a round of golf with Scott Stroz, Dan Wilson, and Jason Delmore. If CFUnited 2010 is anything like 2009 it will be a conference not to miss.

Check out the pricing schedule to see when certain discounts end, and register now.

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  1. Rock on!

    Glad to see you were accepted. We'll arrange another golf session for sure, I always have fun conference-golfing with the k00l kids.