Say it with me: SlideSix, SlideSix, SlideSix. The other day I was talking with another frequent presenter who was mentioning sharing his slides on a popular online site that rhymes with "wide snare." I asked him why he used the particular site and he really had no idea. I asked him if he had heard of SlideSix and he said no.

A few minutes later, after running down some of the awesome features of SlideSix, he was committed to trying it out the next time he was on the Web. Another fan was hopefully budding. Another presenter with better online and desktop presentation tools. Did I mention SlideSix runs on ColdFusion 9? Thanks for creating SlideSix Todd Sharp, you totally rock!

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  1. Since Slide Six came out Todd has made leaps and bounds in the feature set. Its great to see a really useful site created by a really great community member.

  2. Thanks again Aaron! I really love working on this project. It has been a great way to learn new technologies and play with new frameworks and tools and keep my skills polished. As always, if anyone has a feature request or enhancement idea I'm all ears!!