Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk working, or driving around town, or doing something mindless like mowing the lawn, I think about things happening that would really suck. Sort of a deja vu kind of thing. I'm willing to bet you do this too. Perhaps you've seen misfortune thrust upon someone and you think: "Wow, glad that didn't happen to me." Well, one of those really sucky, really horrific things (to me) that I hoped would never happen, did.

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7 Responses to What I hoped would never happen... did

  1. Steve Howard

    My wife tipped an entire 20 oz glass of diet Mountain Dew over her Toshiba tablet last week. She panicked, but I grabbed it off her, tipped it upside down etc.

    When we later rebooted it, it began randomly shutting down, and/or rebooting. We could hear the HDD a whir from the HDD each time it shut down.

    After scratching my head a bit I remembered that the tablet has a motion sensor, similar to the iPhone and loads of other machines, and one of it's tasks is to help protect the HDD if it senses the machine being dropped. I wondered if the motion sensor was confuddled after getting a soaking.

    Turns out there's a built-in application to calibrate the motion sensor. Once I ran that, everything was fine.

    <W H E W !>

    Anyway - I hope your MBP turns out to be fit and well!!!

  2. I was in pain after just reading your status on FB.. this... damn man.

    I am sorry to hear that happened (he says as he moves all his drinks and spillables away from the computer)

    keep us posted, mate.

  3. Nice! It looks like you finally found a use for that PHP book. :-P

  4. @Adam - And in the interest of super full disclosure, I had to borrow the book from Andy Matthews. See his name on the bottom?

  5. totally feel your pain! I once killed a titanium powerbook with a glass of water...it was my work machine so you can imagine how delighted my boss was with me.

  6. Scott Dowling

    Any updates on the patient?

  7. @Scott D. - Nothing yet. I wasn't able to take my laptop to Mac Authority yesterday but I'm leaving the office in a bit to head over there. I'll post an update tonight if my Mac Authority visit produces useful info. Otherwise, I'll post back after they've had time to tear down the machine and determine how much damage there is.