I posted a question to Twitter last week wondering if anyone knew of a site that would tell me how many tweets I post a day on average. Within minutes Andy Matthews (his site, his Twitter) recommended TweetStats. It took about 20 minutes for TweetStats to churn through my nearly 5,000 tweets and produce a graphical analysis of my activity. Since May of 2007 I've posted an average of 8.7 tweets a day, a number that seems kind of low to me. Perhaps more interesting than that are my lowest month of tweets - 55 in May 2007 and my highest month - 483 in May 2008.

I tend to use Twitter the same about every day, but Friday's generally have the most activity just edging out Wednesday by 10 tweets. As far as hours go, I've been known to post tweets throughout the entire 24 hour cycle. This should give some indication to my working hours (by work I mean personal work and work work).

In terms of replies I spend most of my time responding to tweets from Andy. My favorite desktop Twitter tool today is TweetDeck but more tweets have been posted via my own twitterAIR than anything else. Given my current Twitter activity TweetDeck will become number one by the end of this month.

Other cool stuff

At the top of your TweetStats page is a little button that says Tweet Cloud. You can press this button to see a tag cloud showing the words you use most on Twitter. My top 5 words are new, time, iPhone, getting, and twitter. Andy recommended I try Wordle by clicking the link in the lower portion of the TweetStats interface. After generating a bunch of tweet clouds I archived a few I really liked (below and on Flickr).

Finally, I have 78 twooshes? What's a twoosh? I can only guess it's derived from the basketball term "swish," where you sink a basket without hitting the rim. A twoosh is a tweet where you hit the 140 character limit exactly. I'm pretty impressed with 78 but when you consider that's 78 out of nearly 5,000 tweets, it's a horrible percentage.

What do your stats look like?

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