I've uploaded the supporting application files for my presentation at BFlex yesterday (link below). The download includes a Flex Builder project archive which has all the Flex/AS, ColdFusion, JavaScript, and HTML that are needed to create the AIR messaging application. The zip also includes a PDF with all the steps needed to get up and running with the application. In other words, everything you'd need to build the application from start to finish is included in the download.

Later today or tomorrow I'll blog my thoughts on BFusion and BFlex as I'm trying to pack things up and get on the road for home.

Click the link below to download the files:
AIR Messaging Files

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  1. dc

    I'm running cfusion still on enterprise ,
    I've got a broken pipe java error -
    09/21 16:33:16 error Unable to send remote Context stub to a requesting client Broken pipe

    Is it something else i've not enabled