The Acrobat Connect recording for this weeks Nashville ColdFusion User Group meeting is now available. Ben Greenbaum, Senior Research Manager, Symantec gave a really really (did I say REALLY?) excellent presentation on the current landscape of Web-based attacks and the eCrime economy. He had tons of stats on the types of attacks that have taken place over the last several years (including 2007). He also discussed the "underground eCrime" world and how it is being used as the marketplace for the sale of personally identifiable information and complete identities. It was an eye-opening presentation that I encourage all developers to watch.

The recording is 59 minutes and includes all Q&A.

Watch it here:


Tonight, Ben Greenbaum (Senior Research Manager, Symantec) will be presenting to the Nashville ColdFusion User Group. Ben will be discussing how he and Symantec track important changes in attack trends, and how various kinds of software vulnerabilities are being leveraged en masse and to what ends. Folks local to Nashville are encouraged to attend in person at Dealerskins (address below) while remote attendees can join via Adobe Connect (URL below).

All attendees (unless more than 20 or so show up) will walk away with the following:

  • Exclusive ColdFusion 8 poster
  • First issue of Flex Authority (lots of great info in this edition)
  • Brand new ActionScript Reference Guide from Adobe
  • Free training certificate from Total Training
September 25, 2008 at 6:30pm CDT

404 BNA Dr. Building 200
Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37217



I've uploaded the supporting application files for my presentation at BFlex yesterday (link below). The download includes a Flex Builder project archive which has all the Flex/AS, ColdFusion, JavaScript, and HTML that are needed to create the AIR messaging application. The zip also includes a PDF with all the steps needed to get up and running with the application. In other words, everything you'd need to build the application from start to finish is included in the download.

Later today or tomorrow I'll blog my thoughts on BFusion and BFlex as I'm trying to pack things up and get on the road for home.

Click the link below to download the files:
AIR Messaging Files