The Acrobat Connect recording for last weeks Nashville ColdFusion User Group meeting is now available. Mark Mandel gave an excellent talk on how to build applications with Transfer ORM. The recording is 1 hr and 11 minutes and includes all Q&A.

Watch it here:

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4 Responses to Connect Recording: Mark Mandel on Introduction to Building Applications with Transfer ORM

  1. Thanks for posting this. Is the audio messed up for you too? Mark would ask if there are any questions, then he would respond, and then 10 seconds after his response, you would. Does that make sense? Is that happening for you? It's about 10 minutes into the presentation.

  2. @Chris, I edited the recording (new feature of Acrobat Connect Pro) and while editing I noticed a spot here are there where the audio didn't seem to be in sync. I thought it was simply because I was moving around so much in the recording but perhaps not. I haven't listened all the way through the final recording but I'd imagine others will experience what you did.

    It's a bit sad really, as Connect is such a fantastic tool. But recording and audio quality (I've about figured out how to get good audio quality after over two years of using Connect) leaves something to be desired.

  3. Thanks Aaron. I figured that was the problem. That is one thing I really don't like about Connect, but hopefully this will be fixed in the near future. Another thing I dislike is when you pause the presentation, that can also screw up the audio with the video. But hey, I have learned to live with it for now. :)

  4. @Chris - Sometimes you can use the slide-out navigator (on the left) to select queue points in the recording and that will fix syncing issues. I tried that while editing the recording and it didn't seem to help. Shrug.