I've firmed up the details of my talk at BFlex (in two weeks) and the information should be appearing on the site soon. My talk will be part of the advanced Flex track alongside sessions from Simon Free, Zach Stepek, Mike Labriola, and Kevin Schmidt. Here's the title and description for my session.

AIR Messaging: Integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion

In this session I'll show you how to integrate AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion 8 to create a real-world messaging service. I'll demonstrate how to install BlazeDS and "hook" it to ColdFusion 8 and will walk through building a Flex-based AIR application that communicates with the ColdFusion and BlazeDS server to consume a one-way messaging service.

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3 Responses to BFlex - AIR Messaging: Integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion

  1. David

    I'm not going to be at the conference, but this sounds like one heck of a topic! I look forward to hearing it at another time.



  2. A couple of us from Lampo are planning on being there. Should be a good one.

  3. Excellent! That's good news Mark.