A few moments ago I spent an Audible credit on Al Gore's book Assault on Reason. After confirming my order Audible automatically began downloading part 1 and 2 of Gore's book. That wasn't anything unusual, but I admit I was surprised at the targeted user content displayed on the downloads page designed to guide me through the download process.

The first screen shot showed very clearly what my personal download process was going to look like. Audible detected my browser version and my auto-download setting in Safari, both of which determine what my download experience would be like. And they were spot on as part 1 and 2 were queued up from Audible's servers and displayed in Safari's downloads window.

Next, Audible displayed a message outlining exactly how the downloaded content was going to be added to iTunes and how I might need to enter my Audible username and password for this to happen properly. Now, Audible may not know they hit the nail on the head with this last bit of helpful information. It just so happens I do use iTunes for all my media content and the experience they describe of adding downloaded Audible content to iTunes is exactly what occurs every time I spend a credit. My mobile device settings in my Audible account indicate I use an iPhone to listen to all Audible content, so perhaps that's how they are tailoring the helpful images on the download screen.

No matter how they are doing it, I applaud their efforts. The personal level of user experience they provide is just what people need. It doesn't help me as much as it would help my parents, but those are the folks that need it. Keep up the good work Audible, other sites could learn from what you're doing!

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