MobileMe Problems Resolved

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For the past 8 days I have tirelessly attempted to get MobileMe working on my personal Macbook Pro (Leopard). I have followed several threads on Apple's forums where many others were experiencing the same issues. I've been active on this thread and this one as I attempted various things and worked with other users on the problem.

Within the last 15 minutes I was successful syncing to MobileMe. This is what worked for me.

According to others on the threads, Apple has recommended folks try and sync from a fresh user account. Well, I have a second Macbook Pro (office computer) so I decided to sync from it. I went into System Preferences, selected .Mac and waited for a minute. When the MobileMe update showed up I installed it. I then quit System Preferences, then immediately relaunched it. I entered my MobileMe username (without the @me.com) and typed my password. I noticed something odd, that my password seemed shorter than what I had entered on my personal Macbook Pro. Nevertheless I signed in, checked the box for "Synchronize with MobileMe" and it in fact worked. I was able to select a syncing interval (I chose Automatic) as well as Calendars, Contacts, and Bookmarks. I then switched over to my main (personal) Macbook Pro and went through the same steps, manually typing my MobileMe password, choosing sync preferences, and then doing an initial sync.

Within one to two minutes I was logging into me.com and verifying my Calendars and Contacts were online. Oddly, I don't see a place where Bookmarks show online. I then set up my iPhone and configured Calendars, Contacts and Bookmarks for push syncing. This caused all three types of data to be overwritten with data from MobileMe. It all seemed to work very well.

So what was the problem? I use an /excellent/ password storage program called 1Password. It makes it super super easy to use really strong passwords on every site. Since 1Password also stores a bookmarklet in Safari on the iPhone I'm able to easily log-in to all my Web sites without having to remember nearly 100 passwords. Sidenote: 1Password has released a new native iPhone app that will be available in a week or so from the App Store. What I realized, is that every time I was trying to sign-in to and sync with MobileMe from my main (personal) Macbook Pro, I was copying the password from the 1Password OS X app using a little "Copy" button the software provides. I was then pasting the clipboard contents into the MobileMe sign-in screen. While I have verified the 1Password copy button was not adding characters to my password (by pasting into TextEdit), it does not work with the MobileMe sign-in screen. After typing in my MobileMe password by hand I was in business on my personal Macbook Pro.

I'm confused as to whether the MobileMe sign-in screen was actually signing me in correctly, or just allowing me to see my account info and then passing an invalid password when I attempted to synchronize (as this was the error that showed up in the OS X Console). Regardless, I FINALLY have everything working now.

I would be VERY interested to hear from any other users that may be using 1Password and performing the same steps I was. If you fall into this category, reply to this post and let me know.

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5 Responses to MobileMe Problems Resolved

  1. "I noticed something odd, that my password seemed shorter..."

    I wonder if it's a password length issue? I had a similar (sounding) problem with a service once. I use a password manager called KeePass. During registration I let KeePass generate a password for me, but I assumed (incorrectly) that the site I was creating the password for could handle the default of 20 characters. It only allowed a max of 16. When I pasted the password, the registration form truncated the last 4 characters, but happily registered me with a 16 character password. When I went to login the next time, the login form accepted my saved 20 character version (!), but told me the password was wrong. When I went to reset, I discovered the issue...

  2. Waggy

    I believe in consumer protection.   So I want to pass something on:

    MobileMe SUCKS.

    I'm a writer on a tv show.  Lots of people in my office had .mac accounts and when MobileMe launched last summer,  
    it caused a lot of chaos in our office since we use our email accounts to send scripts back and forth to LA. 
    Anyway everyone I know ended up signing up for gmail accounts because our .mac accts.
    were down for almost two weeks!!!

    But I'm willing to forgive.  And I chalked it up to some launch snafus.

    I thought the drama was over but a few days ago, without any warning my MobileMe email
    was suddenly and mysteriously "unavailable."  I waded through many webages trying to find
    a number I could call to find out what was going on, only to discover that there is no phone support
    for mobileme.  Huh?  No phone support?  Isn't there phone support for every other apple product?  Hmmmm.
    What's going on here?

    There is however, online chat support.  I guess flaming is easier to deal with than screaming.
    They first informed me that my email would be available Friday at 6pm.  On Friday at six, I checked and nope, not working.  
    Saturday morning? Nope.  So I contacted online support again.
    Now they're telling me I will be contacted (via gmail) by a technician.  Not that my email will be working by then, just that 
    someone will send me an email.  Gee thanks MobileMe.

    Oh, and the kicker is that one of the online support people actually admitted, "We do suggest having another email account for work, instead of MobileMe."  Apparently "this is listed in the terms of service."  Could it be that apple knows that MobileMe is unreliable?  

    Anyway I have started a facebook group called 1,000,000 strong against MobileMe.  It's kind of a joke but 23 people joined in the first day.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who hates MobileMe.

    Anyway, please tell your users not to buy into this scam.  Sign up for gmail it's more reliable.


  3. @Waggy

    I sympathize with you as Mobile Me has certainly been frustrating for many users. It has gotten much better in my opinion, I just think Apple didn't forecast all the problems accurately nor did they perform enough system testing. Overall the service has gotten much better and I'm mostly happy with it. There are things I wish Mobile Me could do but I'm enjoying my new account. Is it worth $99 a year? Probably not, considering you can get many of the Mobile Me features on Google at not cost. My favorite features are having my calendar in the cloud and the push (or faux-push as some call it) e-mail feature.

  4. Carla

    Am I really paying for it? I havent been able to access my mobile me account since I got it...
    I keep changing the password by providing my security question but it still constantly tells me that I am typing in the wrong password...
    does anyone know what I can do about this??

  5. @Carla - Try this link first: http://www.apple.com/support/mobileme/. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest visiting your local Apple Store (if you have one) or calling Apple support.