CFConversations Episode 1

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Friday night myself, Brian Meloche, Jeff Coughlin, Adam Haskell, and Rick Mason recorded the inaugural episode of the new CFConversations podcast. The podcast was created by Brian Meloche in an effort to continue the ColdFusion podcasting legacy created by Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell. CFConversations is not a spin off of CFWeekly but rather a new forum for ColdFusion community leaders to get together and discuss anything and everything related to ColdFusion. The episodes are designed to be open conversations between different ColdFusion community leaders. If you've listened to Leo Laporte's TWiT, you'll be familiar with the format of CFConversations.

Friday nights recording session had a few technical issues but ultimately went very well. Head on over to http://www.cfconversations.com, download the first episode and learn what we think about current conferences, ColdFusion 9 (aka Centaur) and the Open BlueDragon and Railo open source initiatives.

CFConversations is now on iTunes. Subscribe here.

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  1. Great stuff Aaron, good luck for the coming posts :)

  2. Awesome! Downloading via iTunes right now.