I was talking recently with Matt Wallace, the Nashville Flex User Group manager, about switching Flash Player versions in OS X. He had found Mike Chambers bash script but was having problems getting Mike's code to work. Matt eventually developed his own solution and while he did an excellent job his utility has a few annoyances that I don't want to deal with. I'm sure he'll get all these fixed but currently you must empty the trash to clear unwanted Flash Player files that appear every time you switch FP versions. You also have to edit his Automator script every time you want to add a new Flash Player to the switching ability.

So I dug into Mike's code to see why folks were having problems getting it running. I didn't have any issues but that's because I was able to figure out a few steps Mike left out. I also made his bash script a little better eliminating the need to create a linked file to get around bash's nuances with spaces in directory names.

What I came up with is not much different than what Mike originally created, it's just more refined. If you're interested in my version read on for download and installation instructions.

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  1. I've found a similar solution that applies to Mac, Windows and supposedly Linux as well.

    Credits goes to Matt Shaw:

    My opinion is shared here on my blog and a bit of instructions on how to set it up in Google Chrome: