Next week the Nashville ColdFusion User Group will host a presentation by Andy Matthews on integrating ColdFusion 8 and BlazeDS to create messaging services. If you're one of the many who've been searching for useful information on BlazeDS but haven't found anything, or if you've been wondering what role ColdFusion 8 plays in providing back-end functionality to BlazeDS, you need to attend this meeting.

June 26, 2008 at 6:30pm CDT

404 BNA Dr. Building 200
Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37217



CFConversations Episode 1

Posted by Aaron West at 8:30 PM in ColdFusion, Podcasts

Friday night myself, Brian Meloche, Jeff Coughlin, Adam Haskell, and Rick Mason recorded the inaugural episode of the new CFConversations podcast. The podcast was created by Brian Meloche in an effort to continue the ColdFusion podcasting legacy created by Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell. CFConversations is not a spin off of CFWeekly but rather a new forum for ColdFusion community leaders to get together and discuss anything and everything related to ColdFusion. The episodes are designed to be open conversations between different ColdFusion community leaders. If you've listened to Leo Laporte's TWiT, you'll be familiar with the format of CFConversations.

Friday nights recording session had a few technical issues but ultimately went very well. Head on over to http://www.cfconversations.com, download the first episode and learn what we think about current conferences, ColdFusion 9 (aka Centaur) and the Open BlueDragon and Railo open source initiatives.

CFConversations is now on iTunes. Subscribe here.


I was talking recently with Matt Wallace, the Nashville Flex User Group manager, about switching Flash Player versions in OS X. He had found Mike Chambers bash script but was having problems getting Mike's code to work. Matt eventually developed his own solution and while he did an excellent job his utility has a few annoyances that I don't want to deal with. I'm sure he'll get all these fixed but currently you must empty the trash to clear unwanted Flash Player files that appear every time you switch FP versions. You also have to edit his Automator script every time you want to add a new Flash Player to the switching ability.

So I dug into Mike's code to see why folks were having problems getting it running. I didn't have any issues but that's because I was able to figure out a few steps Mike left out. I also made his bash script a little better eliminating the need to create a linked file to get around bash's nuances with spaces in directory names.

What I came up with is not much different than what Mike originally created, it's just more refined. If you're interested in my version read on for download and installation instructions.

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If you've been to any MAX conference in the past 3 years you've heard of, and hopefully used, the IntroNetworks application. IntroNetworks is a community-based application with all sorts of features enabling you to get in touch with other developers and designers in the Adobe community. You can search for folks who are interested in the same things as you, have similar personalities, and more. There's an events calendar that will be listing major Adobe events you need to know about. There's a personal calendar and messaging system built right in that allows you to communicate with other people using the application.

The IntroNetworks application has been rolled into a new online offering from the Adobe Developer Relations team. You can sign up for an account and access the online ADC app by pointing your browser here http://adc.intronetworks.com/.

You can also read the ADC blog to learn about new content in the developer center as well as general development news within Adobe communities.


I've had it up to "here" with Time Machine and Time Capsule. If you want to kill your backup productivity just use Apple's Time Machine and Time Capsule backup solution. For the past 3 months I have fought Time Machine and Time Capsule and estimate I've spent days trying to fix problems and backup errors. As soon as one problem is resolved it seems only days go by before I'm back under the hood attacking another issue.

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