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If you follow my twitter feed you may have seen a tweet I posted this week about getting a trademark violation e-mail from Adobe. I brought this on myself as I submitted twitterAIR to the new AIR Marketplace. Shortly after submitting it the senior product manager for the AIR marketplace e-mailed me the violation note.

So, twitterAIR needs to be renamed and I'm fine with it as I have no attachment to the name. In fact, I'm horrible with creating product names hence the original really sucky one. I decided yesterday to run a contest to see who submits the best replacement name. To give you some context I am defining "best" as the most original, catchy, interesting, easy to remember name that still keeps a correlation (somehow) with the Twitter service. Whomever submits the name I choose will receive some goodies via snail mail. I'm currently thinking of sending the Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers pocket guide, some t-shirts, and perhaps a few other things I come up with. Feel free to submit your ideas in the comments below or e-mail them to me directly - trajik210 at gmail.

The deadline for submissions is next week, Wednesday May 28.

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15 Responses to twitterAIR Renaming Contest

  1. For using AIR or twitterAIR ?

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Do they not like "AIR" being referenced in the name as a noun? I would suggest TwittAIR for the name if you can use "AIR" in a name. Just spitballing.


  3. What was the violation?
    Simply the use of the "AIR" string?

  4. What was the violation? Having "AIR" in the name?

    Here's some (bad?) ideas to get the ball rolling:
    - Spairow
    - Twistter
    - Twitair
    - QuickTwit
    - Spitter (still waiting on someone to name an app this)
    - Atwitter
    - Nitwit
    - Twitch

  5. @all The trademark violation was in using the word AIR in the name twitterAIR. I'm probably violating something in Twitter too, since I'm using their product name as well. I'm looking for something that doesn't use either "twitter" or "AIR" explicitly.

    @Steve Thanks for the suggestions! Spitter is too close to Spaz which is another Twitter client. Twitair is also (already) a Twitter client I believe.

  6. Adobe, I love you dearly, but you need to lighten the F up sometimes. :)

  7. HipTwit (ref TrajiklyHip)
    HipTwitr (ref TrajiklyHip)

  8. I've got a couple of ideas, but they are a bit out of the box:

    Hum [sound of twitter in the air?]
    Hover [twitter + air, get it?]

    I could go on, but essentially my ideas are along the lines of what happens when you combine twitters with air in reality.

    Good luck!

  9. Steve Howard



  10. Here is your name - myflock

  11. Damn! by the oxygen in the air that I breathe, this seems unf-air. I mean you cant trade "MARK" a name surely? I mean I was at the "AIR"port and I dont see Adobe sending out cease and desist notices to all "AIR"ports. I mean, what if I call my product "Lair" ? or even "Tony Blair"

    I have a client called Tair... whats the issue?

  12. How about: SOAR ?

    It's what a bird (Twitter) does when it goes through the AIR. Plus you could do some fun things with your app flying high, and things like that.

  13. MYRO would be a good name, pronounced (me-row) .. a combination of 'MY HERO' : ) it's catchy and easy to remember

  14. Adobe doesn't have a leg to stand on.
    Trademarks only apply to the specific range of products or services.
    If you were building a RIA runtime, and called it BetterAIR or the like, then you would be violating the trademark, as people could confuse your product with Adobe's...
    But you are building an application using their runtime, so I would think it is appropriate that you use the runtime name in your app's name.
    But, IANAL, so I will stop ranting now...

    For a name, I like pmolaro's suggestion of SOAR.

  15. @Ken I know nothing about trademark law so I err on the side of caution. To clarify though, Adobe isn't forcing me to change the name of twitterAIR. They simply won't include twitterAIR in the Adobe AIR Marketplace unless the name is changed.

    The best suggested name so far is definitely Soar, or SOAR, or maybe even sOAR. I'd love to use the name but doubt I ever will. There are several other better (much better) AIR twitter apps like TweetDeck and Twhirl. Those apps have lots of focused development, much more than I can muster given my hectic schedule. I use a mix of TweetDeck and Twhirl when on my Mac (mostly TweetDeck) and Twittelator or Hahlo on my iPhone. If I had time to build a better app I would, but the developers of TweetDeck and Twhirl have been way more consistent with updates, features, and bug fixes so I just assume use their app.