ColdFusion 8 Wins a Codie Award!

Posted by Aaron West at 6:11 PM in ColdFusion

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIAA) has announced the 2008 Codie Awards. ColdFusion 8 was the winner of the "Best Web Services Solution" category.

Initial press coverage is here:

And the Codie site is here:


twitterAIR Renaming Contest

Posted by Aaron West at 10:49 AM in twitterAIR, Adobe AIR, Flex

If you follow my twitter feed you may have seen a tweet I posted this week about getting a trademark violation e-mail from Adobe. I brought this on myself as I submitted twitterAIR to the new AIR Marketplace. Shortly after submitting it the senior product manager for the AIR marketplace e-mailed me the violation note.

So, twitterAIR needs to be renamed and I'm fine with it as I have no attachment to the name. In fact, I'm horrible with creating product names hence the original really sucky one. I decided yesterday to run a contest to see who submits the best replacement name. To give you some context I am defining "best" as the most original, catchy, interesting, easy to remember name that still keeps a correlation (somehow) with the Twitter service. Whomever submits the name I choose will receive some goodies via snail mail. I'm currently thinking of sending the Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers pocket guide, some t-shirts, and perhaps a few other things I come up with. Feel free to submit your ideas in the comments below or e-mail them to me directly - trajik210 at gmail.

The deadline for submissions is next week, Wednesday May 28.


I'm hanging out at Webmaniacs this week and there's been a lot of confusion surrounding BlazeDS and push messaging. This confusion has been rooted in Adobe's marketing of BlazeDS including several presenters saying BlazeDS has the ability to push messages to a client just like LifeCycle Data Services (LCDS). Even this week at Webmaniacs presentations have been given talking about the differences between LCDS and BlazeDS. In a small grid of features including Flash Remoting, Messaging, and Data Management/Synchronization, the only missing check mark on the BlazeDS side was for data management and synchronization. Developers have taken this to mean BlazeDS includes the full spectrum of messaging that is included in LCDS.

Just after the introduction of BlazeDS in February, at Dealerskins we began creating a BlazeDS/HTML/Ajax/AIR application with the intent to push messages from a ColdFusion interface to an AIR application running on several dozen remote computers. After trudging our own path with BlazeDS (there is VERY little documentation and info online) we discovered you simply can't do push messaging without purchasing the full featured LifeCycle Data Services.

This week I was finally able to confirm with Adobe you cannot do push messaging in BlazeDS. Some folks have been quick to argue "push messaging" is a matter of definition or context. There are definitely different flavors of push messaging most of which are defined by whether the client is actively listening to the server or if it even knows it is in a position to receive a message from the server. Putting definitions aside, LCDS brings true push messaging to the table because it uses Adobe's proprietary Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to create a constant connection between itself and the client. BlazeDS is open source, and since RTMP isn't (incidentally, Adobe's AMF binary protocol _is_ now open source) it is not available as a channel in the BlazeDS configuration files. Your only option for implementing messaging is to create a channel for AMF polling, configure some settings for polling, and then define your message producers and consumers.

In the application we built at Dealerskins, ColdFusion was a message Producer and AIR on the desktop was a message Consumer. In other words, a ColdFusion application produced a message that was sent to a CFC which then talked to BlazeDS, which then waited for AIR clients to request/consume new messages. While this worked fine, it is in my opinion overkill as we could've written the AIR application such that it connected to ColdFusion directly (CFC) in order to get new messages.

I hope this clears up some differences in features between BlazeDS and LifeCycle DS.