Most everyone should know by now Ed Sullivan is moving into a new role within Developer Relations at Adobe and he'll no longer be responsible for managing the user group program. There's no real replacement for someone like Ed, but Rachel Luxemburg will be taking on the task.

To show appreciation for Ed's influence and leadership in the program for so many years, Bob Flynn and the Indianna University Multimedia User Group, and other user group managers, recorded a video where they try to determine the perfect parting gift for Ed. I recorded the video presentation with my Flip camera and have made the the video available below in four parts. The last video is the presentation of some special gifts the user group managers bought for Ed.

Ed Sullivan Farewell Video - Part 1

Ed Sullivan Farewell Video - Part 2

Ed Sullivan Farewell Video - Part 3

Ed Sullivan Farewell Video - Part 4

Ed Sullivan Farewell Gifts Video

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2 Responses to Ed Sullivan Farewell Videos

  1. Actually this video was done without any knowledge of what we'd eventually get Ed as a gift. It just worked out that what I did in the video synced up so well with the gifts

    The original video is now posted at Thanks to Elaine Montoya for the help in getting it down to size.

    Indiana University

  2. Thanks for sharing this.. it was very entertaining seeing all the usergroup gifts since the Macromedia days. I got the lunchbox lol thanks to my boss;P