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It's done. Finally. Our home theatre is 100% installed and functional. The whole idea of building a home theatre started about two years ago. My wife and I are very much into music, movies, and TV and for nearly two years we have toyed with the idea of completely reinventing our living room experience. Until last week that experience included a 27" analog TV, DVD player, VCR, and two gaming systems (Wii and PlayStation 2). Today, the experience includes a complete lineup of high-definition video, high-fidelity audio, and a seamless integration of nearly everything digital in our lives. For the full story of how we created our home theatre - including pictures and the equipment we used - read on.

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  1. Who needs to go out to the movies any more? I'm coming over this Friday with the beer, see you then!

    Looks great :)

  2. Forget movies! When's Dealerskins Development Rock Band night? It's time to get A$$HAT back together!

  3. @Andy - Soon, soon.

  4. Nice Aaron. I've been considering an upgrade to my home theater install and it's cool to see someone else's process.

  5. Nice mate... thanks for the walk-through.

    Question how is the venting in your son's room? Has it affected the temperature in there at all?

  6. @Critter The venting has worked out quite well. The closet doesn't get too hot since the equipment isn't servers or major hardware. When opening the closet door I can feel a little more warmth than the rest of the house, but not much. I'd say the venting is to be thanked for that. As for my son's room, no it does not make his room hotter.

  7. chris

    now what is your address again? When did you say you are going on vacation?

    long time no see. came across your site from a 615flex site.

  8. @chris - Long time no see? I don't recognize the info you put in your comment.. do we know each other?

  9. contemporary furniture

    Hi just hopping around. That's very neat. Thank you for posting your picture, you gave me an idea on how to arrange my home theater. I have PS3 and Logitech Z530 5.1 THX Speakers, Sharp 1080P LCD. It's pretty good for me and I love it.