Two Cool iPhone Discoveries

Posted by Aaron West at 7:04 PM in iPhone

Having had my iPhone for 8 months now I can't imagine life without it. It's one of my most coveted possessions and is truly a remarkable device. In the last week I've discovered two cool things other iPhone users may want to know about.

First, every time you connect your iPhone on a Mac, iPhoto launches. If you use iPhoto this is probably behavior you appreciate. For an Adobe Lightroom user - like me - this is completely annoying. I did a bit of googling last week and found Scott McAndrew's blog which had a solution for stopping this behavior. Check it out if you're interested.

The second thing I discovered occurred while listening to music and writing e-mail at the same time. The iPhone has a setting that allows you to choose what program launches if you double-click the Home button. I have mine set to open the iPod software. If you have yours set the same, anytime you double-click the Home button (when not in the iPod) an iPod pop-up window will appear allowing you to pause your audio, move to the previous or next track, change the volume, and see what artist/track is playing.

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2 Responses to Two Cool iPhone Discoveries

  1. rob

    Thanks, I thought I was going nuts! One time I took the phone out of my pocket the ipod controls magically appeared on the home screen - I had no idea how it happened, but it turned out it was the double click home button.

    It's cool that it works even without you having to slide-unlock the phone.

  2. @rob Thanks for the tip on double-clicking the Home button with the iPhone screen off. I knew you could control volume with the screen off but not track progression. See, you give a little and you get a little. I love the Web.