Motorola Flash 3D/Video Site

Posted by Aaron West at 1:15 PM in Flash

Robert Hall pointed me to this site, which shows great use of Flash and video mixed together. It's a Motorola site demonstrating how their products can be used to to manage emergency situations in a big city. Not only is the site built with Flash and video, but there are 3D elements as well. It's all pretty amazing.

If you sit on the site for a while, the city begins to animate with traffic, clouds, and even a bit of industrial pollution (big wtf on that one). Check it out for yourself and see what you think.


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2 Responses to Motorola Flash 3D/Video Site

  1. wow it's awesome. I would say that must be one of greatest Flash component.

  2. pan69

    Nice. A bit of a shame that they have to 'f' with tour browser dimensions. Usually I close sites that do that without even looking further.