Andy M. on Why AIR?

Posted by Aaron West at 5:20 PM in Adobe AIR, Flex, 30onAIR

Recorded in Nashville, TN at the Flex 3 / AIR 1.0 launch event on 2/25/2008.


Motorola Flash 3D/Video Site

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Robert Hall pointed me to this site, which shows great use of Flash and video mixed together. It's a Motorola site demonstrating how their products can be used to to manage emergency situations in a big city. Not only is the site built with Flash and video, but there are 3D elements as well. It's all pretty amazing.

If you sit on the site for a while, the city begins to animate with traffic, clouds, and even a bit of industrial pollution (big wtf on that one). Check it out for yourself and see what you think.



Last night the Nashville Flex User Group and Nashville ColdFusion User Group held a special Flex 3 and AIR launch event. We showed the exclusive user group video produced by Adobe which included an inside look at the AIR project and the team behind the release. I gave a presentation on the business case behind Flex and AIR which included info on all the new features of Flex 3 and initial features of AIR 1.0.

We had food and drink and celebrated the event with a Flex/AIR cake (pic below). Lastly, I recorded eight 30onAIR videos which have been uploaded to YouTube and will be blogged here over the next few days.

Thanks to all those who came out for a great event. Congrats to the following people for winning our giveaways:

Enrique M. - Adobe Flex 3 Professional
T Scott C. - Sony Playstation Portable
Scott L. - ActionScript 3 Cookbook by Joey Lott
Steve B., Cutter B., and J.J. M. - Limited Edition Adobe AIR 1.0 Launch poster