For the past three years I've had the pleasure of working with Steve "Cutter" Blades at Dealerskins. I hired Cutter in November of 2005 as a Web developer. He came to Dealerskins with a huge passion for programming and a desire to contribute to a small company with a very big vision. He's helped us realize that vision over the years but recently he's realized a vision of his own.

Cutter has always been interested in growing his own developer skillset and he's very good about giving back to the Web community too. He's recently contributed to the community by writing chapters for the Learning ExtJS book by Packt publishing. The book is available from several places (online and offline) including the publishers site and Amazon.

Dealerskins created a press release around Cutter's accomplishment which so far has been picked up by the following sites:

More info about Cutter's accomplishment is on his blog:

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