Thanks to all those who entered my drawing for a free copy of 1Password from Agile Solutions. I wrote a bit of ColdFusion (code below) to draw the winner and was surprised to learn the folks at 1Password had given me extra copies to giveaway! Congrats to Lance from Ohio and David from all over (David is currently touring with the band Wild Sweet Orange). I hope you two enjoy 1Password as much as I do!

<cfset variables.myArray = ["entry1", "entry2"]>

<cfset variables.seed = Randomize(Right(GetTickCount(), 5), "SHA1PRNG")>
<cfset variables.winnerIndex = RandRange(1, ArrayLen(variables.myArray), "SHA1PRNG")>

And the winner is: <cfoutput>#myArray[variables.winnerIndex]#</cfoutput>

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2 Responses to Congratulations to the Winners of 1Password!

  1. David Knapp

    I really dig 1Password, the secureness is with me.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying David!! Thanks for entering the giveaway.