During my commute to work this morning I began listening to TWiT episode 161 (click here if you have iTunes). In the first 27 minutes Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, and Andrew Horowitz talk about the current state of the economy and financial markets. They discuss whether you should be concerned about the economy, what you should do with your investments, how we got to where we are, and whether or not the government should get involved by issuing the bailout. It's a great listen from a few folks with tons of experience in our financial markets.

Jason Calacanis knows what it means to be an entrepreneur having started Weblogs Inc. (which he subsequently sold to AOL), serving as General Manager of the Netscape Web site, and more recently starting Mahalo - a human-powered search engine.

Andrew Horowitz is the author of The Disciplined Investor book and the host of the podcast (iTunes link) by the same name.

I found their thoughts and opinions to be informative and I encourage anyone interested in this topic to give the podcast a listen.

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