The brand new Nashville ColdFusion User Group Web site has launched! Here's an excerpt from my official announcement...

I am completely, unbelievably, indubitably, fantastically excited to announce and SHOW you the brand-spanking new Nashville ColdFusion User Group Web site!!

Launching a new Web site has been "in the works" in one way or another for over two years. Not long after I took over the group from Tony Bradshaw (January 2005) we all decided it was time for a new Web site and thus started a journey that took much longer than anyone anticipated. In some ways it's embarrassing how we didn't buckle down and just get the job done. But when I think of all the things that have taken place over the last three years, from the babies, job changes, contract and consultant work many of us do etc., I'm not too surprised. And after spending most of my waking hours over the last week working on the new site with J.J., I'm even less surprised.

Read the full announcement here:


Next week, J.J. Merrick will be presenting an introduction to jQuery to the Nashville ColdFusion User Group. The presentation is geared towards ColdFusion developers who are interested in learning jQuery but don't know where to start.

The meeting is sponsored by my employer Dealerskins, and Nashville-based Vaco Technology. In addition to our normal Adobe schwag we are giving away two jQuery books, Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide, both by Karl Swedberg.

Vaco Technology is also giving away a pair of tickets to the Nine Inch Nails concert going down in Nashville on Halloween!! The winner and one guest will be in a luxury suite directly above the stage. The suite includes an open bar, food, flat screen TV, private restroom etc. This is quite an awesome giveaway so be sure and show up in person to be eligible to win!

Full meeting details are on the brand new NCFUG site!