Flash Player 10 Officially Released

Posted by Aaron West at 12:22 AM in Flash

As of 23 minutes ago Adobe has officially released Flash Player 10. It's great to see the new player finally get released after being available in one alpha/beta form or another for over a year. Go get it while it's hot and read more on the release while you're at it.

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3 Responses to Flash Player 10 Officially Released

  1. Do you mean Flash Player 10.1?

  2. itsbdo

    Nevermind. Adobe feeds showed this on top of the most recent blogs. I didn't notice the date of this entry, Oct 15. I got all excited for nuthin'.

  3. @itsbdo - I switched my blog to a new URL and brand new site design on Sunday. As far as I know Adobe hasn't gotten around to updating the feed URL they use for my blog. But, I'm redirecting the old URL to the new URL so perhaps they are seeing my posts as new to their database and showing them in the recent list of posts.