My Office Gets Awesomer

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I recently jettisoned the last Windows machine in my life when I replaced my work computer with a new MacBook Pro running Leopard. The last change to make to completely overhaul my office at work was to replace dual 17'' Dell monitors. Today, the new 27'' Dell display I ordered came in and it took roughly 15 minutes to get it set up. I was really surprised at how freaking huge it is; it almost dwarfs the rather large desk I have. The pictures below don't accurately showcase its size, but even with it's large footprint it is going to make a great addition to my productivity nest away from home. The built-in color profile looks fantastic when connected to my MacBook Pro with zero adjustment or calibration. With such a large display there really is no need to keep the laptop opened. It simple looks ridiculous sitting next to the large Dell.

I'm really happy with the new setup as I've got much better equipment and I've been able to create additional desk space to use for more worthwhile things.

View from my desk chair

View a little further back

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  1. That's funny. I just put a new larger monitor on my desk today too. I almost went with a 27'' but decided on a 22'' instead (seemed to be the best bang/specs for the buck). Like you, my MacBook Pro set up a color profile without even telling me. Mine is a Samsung 226cw and I'm really happy with it vs. the Dell 20'' that I had before. Unlike you, I still have one Windows machine lying around but it is there only because some very specialized amateur radio software I run is Windows based (all 5 of the other machines in the house are Macs purchased since March last year). I have my MBP set up with Bootcamp so eventually I'll probably hook everything up to the MBP and let the older machine go.

  2. you could also get a Griffin Laptoplift, which allows you to stack some books or something underneath your MBP

  3. dave

    well i dont have the huge monitor but i have the mbp and that same desk lol

  4. Marcin

    Bah, you can always use more screen realestate, even if you've just got some reference docs or something open on it. One of the head honchos at work has a 17" MBP with a 30" Dell, running the display on both. Niiiiice.

    Also, how is the MBP displaying stuff while sleeping?? The sleep light is on? I haven't done a whole bunch of multi-monitor stuff with my old G4 (waiting for the SteveNote next week for a new MBP!), so maybe that's just how it is.

  5. nice! I'm in the MS camp, sorry folks. Do those macbooks have a easy to use docking station? What about dual-monitor support? I suppose with a 27 or 30 inch monitor, dual support really isn't that necessary, some huge dough though. I got two 20 inchers sitting side-by-side on a dell lappy with the dell docking station. The dock handles dual monitor, not dual dvi though unfortunately.


  6. sweet mouse by the way, I just nabbed one.
    they cost mucho but wow!


  7. I can attest to the hugeness of this monitor. When I walked into Aaron's office, that was the first thing I noticed. Massive.

  8. It's sooo pretty!!! We aren't allowed the big screen fancy stuff, we have to have the side by side desk top wasters. Of course, I work in the land of Windows too.

    Drooling over that keyboard... I'll send you my address, you send me that keyboard, k?

  9. @halans, I have the Griffin Elevator laptop stand on order. It should be here soon!

    @Marcin, The Dell monitor working with a sleeping MacBook Pro just works. This morning I sat my MBP on the desk, plugged in the DVI connector and wala, the Dell monitor lit up and I was working. If you already have your MBP screen open when you plug-in an external monitor, you will sleep both the MBP and the external monitor when you shut your laptop. In the case, using an external mouse or keyboard (while the MBP is sleeping) will cause the external monitor to wake while the laptop screen continues to sleep. I hope that makes sense.

    @DK, I'm not aware of any official docking stations for Mac laptops like all the Windows machines have. Dual monitor support /is/ supported by the MacBook Pro line of Apple laptops; I don't think other Apple laptops can do it. Note, that the last time I checked the dual monitor support was only for Apple-branded Cinema displays. This may have changed in the last year or so.

    @Michele, The Apple "slim" keyboard is awesome. Great tactile feel and several buttons that work with OS X features (volume, tracks, brightness, Dashboard, Expose, and more). It's relatively cheap as well. I have no idea how it would work with Windows, but it is USB.

  10. ian

    The similarity of our workplaces is almost staggering. Dell 24", Logitech VX Revolution, new wireless mac keyboard (I haul them with me), mbp closed to the side, car models (even a piston) strewn around, and MAX gear filling up the corners.

    High five for feeling happy about your workspace.

  11. Rich

    Aaron, I have a rather old 2.33 MBP with the Radeon VC and am in Boot Camp 90% of the day-- I have been considering the 27 inch Dell display. What processor/video card do you have? Does it work OK in Bootcamp?