Flipping through the February 2008 edition of Macworld tonight I noticed an add by MacHeist touting $400 worth of software for $49. I didn't know anything about this, but last year MacHeist ran this same deal selling 10 different Mac apps for $49 over a one week period. Last years deal included TextMate, ShapeShifter, Disco, Pangea, RapidWeaver and more.

This year, starting tomorrow actually, the sale begins again. The MacHeist Web site is already beginning to list the applications they will be selling in a few hours. So far, 1Password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, and TaskPaper have been announced. Best of all, 25% of your purchase goes to the charity of choice (charity options are listed on their Web site). If you're interested in a good deal, check out the offer. Even if you would use a few of the apps it'd be worth $49.

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3 Responses to MacHeist - 400 Dollars of Software for 49 Bucks

  1. dave

    yup.. just picked mine up!! whoo hoo!!
    I wished they had like 15 or so apps and you could pick the 10 you want. I already had 1 password, like 10 licenses of appzapper, cssedit (damn best css editor out there!)

  2. Thanks Aaron for telling us MacHeads about this. What a deal!

  3. Shortly after posting the blog entry, MacHeist revealed Snapz Pro X as one of the 10 pieces of software. Having used the app to build several sample videos (see my blog entry on working with the new features in Leopard's Dock) I can attest to it's greatness. The MacHeist bundle would be worth it if all it contained was Snapz Pro X, but there are other great apps too; CoverSutra rocks!