A few days ago I posted about hooking up a 27 inch Dell monitor in my office at work. Marcin posted a comment asking how I was able to use my MacBook Pro while the lid was closed. I responded that it just worked. Since then, I have hooked and unhooked my MacBook Pro a dozen times or so with the lid closed and have had mixed results. I did some searching today to see if there is a set of steps you can follow to keep from having issues - the issues being the laptop doesn't wake up after plugging in the external display and/or unplugging it.

Sure enough, there is a set of specific steps which you can read about on Apple's site.

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  1. http://semaja2.net/insomniaxinfo/

    I have not used this, but ran across the link when researching the same issue.

  2. ian

    My self discovered rules for plugging into an external monitor while keeping the MacBook Pro closed.

    Plugging in:
    The MacBook must be closed and 'sleeping'.
    Plug in external power
    Plug in Monitor & turn on
    Plug in peripherals (turn on wireless keyboard)
    - Mac usually awakens prompting for my login (the screen goes blue at first then black and sometimes has a lot of garbage/artifacts on the screen until I log in)

    Open MacBook's screen
    Unplug the monitor connection and the mac's screen should come on and return to it's normal function.
    After its back to normal, I remove and turn off my mouse/keyboard, power, cat5.
    Once disconnected, I close the lid on the macbook, and while it's prepping for sleep, I pack up everything I'm taking with me.
    Once its sleeping, slide it in the bag and go home, you've been working too hard.