Freezing in January

Posted by Aaron West at 9:30 AM in Personal

The photo below - taken from my truck this morning (no I was not driving at the time) - shows that it does get cold in Nashville. Ouch. It's unbelievably cold today! With the wind chill factored in the "feels like" temperature is near 0.

Looking out my office window it is also snowing right now.

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6 Responses to Freezing in January

  1. Oh you are just asking for it!
    "You call that cold?"

  2. Without snow, winter is just sucky. It would be okay if it was 16 degrees and snowing. But NOOOO...Nashville only gets 5 minutes worth of snow in a whole stinking winter.

  3. It snowed for about 15 minutes at my house yesterday. Added to the snow for today and you get 2 years of snow Andy!

  4. dave

    im not sure which is worse out there, the cold or the humidity... I will be moving out there right between the 2... cant wait to sweat all summer.

  5. Here its very very very cold. The snow is 40 cm high and I dislike snow. Last evening I went out for a walk and I came back in the house after 20 mins, because I just couldn`t take the cold anymore. Today I will be leaving from Uricani ( its a mountain town ) and I will to to Timisoara, I hope there I will get some better weather and not that much of a snow.

    I have also written on my blog about it, but snow caused a lot of accidents here and some people died because the City Hall and its men was not ready for that much snow and the ambulances couldn`t get to their destinations. This is one of the reasons I hate cold weather ( so basic I hate the winter ).


  6. Dude.. that ain't nothin'! Try Wisconsin, -30 with windchill.. now that would freeze the nuts off an ape! (and freeze your brake lines when you stop)