Dear Apple: I Don't Get It

Posted by Aaron West at 10:17 PM in Mac, Leopard

I was cruising around Apple's Web site the other day when I happened upon the OS X product page. I was immediately presented with an ad (well, not so much an ad as a photo) for Leopard which is shown below. What the heck Apple? What does this ad mean? What do you mean I can add a new Mac to a Mac? Are you serious? Further thought on the ad produced the idea that perhaps their message is that by buying and installing Leopard (on your existing Mac) you are effectively getting a new one. If that's their point, I think they missed the point of advertising. This has to be the worst attempt from Apple in a long time... they typically are so great at advertising.

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  1. A frequent accusation leveled at Apple is that they have a strategy of planned obsolescence for their hardware. I had a Graphite iMac that wouldn't run anything newer than OS 10.2, for example. When I first saw this ad, I read the subtext to be "your year-old Mac Mini will work fine with this, don't worry" and "buy it because it will speed up your existing system". The reassurance is important, given Apple's history of debuting operating systems that will not run on their older hardware. Maybe not their best ad ever, but in that context I think the message is on point.

  2. Good point Tom, I didn't think of that. Have you read any reports on how Leopard is running on older machines? I've not looked into it, but I'd be interested to see if the specs - which indicate older machines will run Leopard fine - are marketing garble or more real-world.