iPhone Unlocking - A Video Blow By Blow

Posted by Aaron West at 5:13 PM in iPhone, Mac

I previously reported iPhoneSIMFree's ability to unlock the iPhone. Here's a video that shows the process of using iPhoneSIMFree's utility to unlock an iPhone. NOTE: I have not tried this myself (and won't, I'm already locked in on an AT&T contract).

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2 Responses to iPhone Unlocking - A Video Blow By Blow

  1. Good thing you didn't unlock your iPhone - Looks like Apple is gonna resist. I ran across this article in my news today:,137872-c,consume...

  2. No kidding Doug. Last week I came real close to installing one of the apps that temporarily "jailbreaks" the iPhone so you can install applications. I'm not interested in all the games available, but rather simple things like ringtones (that don't force me to spend money, again) and customized desktop wallpaper.

    Maybe one day.