iPhone Unlocking - A Video Blow By Blow

Posted by Aaron West at 5:13 PM in iPhone, Mac

I previously reported iPhoneSIMFree's ability to unlock the iPhone. Here's a video that shows the process of using iPhoneSIMFree's utility to unlock an iPhone. NOTE: I have not tried this myself (and won't, I'm already locked in on an AT&T contract).


SnipEx SQL Server Scripts

Posted by Aaron West at 3:15 PM in ColdFusion, CFEclipse, SnipEx

When you download SnipEx from riaforge, you get a script that creates tables in a MySQL database. At work, we use SQL Server so I rewrote the MySQL script into the appropriate SQL Server code. You can download the script from the Downloads pod to the right or by clicking here.


SnipEx and Caching

Posted by Aaron West at 1:58 PM in ColdFusion, CFEclipse, SnipEx

I recently set up a SnipEx server at work and blew about 2 hours trying to get things online and working inside of CFEclipse The problem was with the Snip Tree View caching the SnipEx server's XML content. Since I used the CFLib SnipEx server as a test, I knew it was possible to get a snippets server up and running. I just couldn't figure out why no amount of Eclipse restart (with -clean) or Snip Tree View refresh would cause my snippets to show up in the panel. They were showing just fine if I invoked the CFC methods directly in a browser.

The problem surrounded how the Snip Tree View caches the XML content it retrieves. I'm not sure why you would want to do this and I believe Mark is going to fix this in a future release of SnipEx. Nevertheless, if you need to "refresh" snippets served by SnipEx (like when you add a new snippet) you'll want to delete all the XML files in your SnipEx directory. You will likely need to do this several times as you setup your SnipEx server.

On Windows, the path may look like:
C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\[workspace_name]\.metadata\.plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml\snipex\

Delete everything in the snipex directory and refresh the Snip Tree View panel and you'll be set.