Me As a Simpson's Character

Posted by Aaron West at 10:14 AM in Personal

Following several others (Mark Mandel, Andy Jarrett, Mark Drew) here I am as a Simpson's character.

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3 Responses to Me As a Simpson's Character

  1. hahaha :-) That is funny. Where can I do such thing for myself ? Is there a drawer I have to send my photo too ? I know a bit of PS and Illustrator but I do not think I am able to do that by myself...


  2. It was part of the official Simpson's movie Web site. You could go to their site and "build" your own likeness as a Simpson's character using a Flash-based tool. I just checked and the site and avatar builder are still available.


  3. thanks very very much for the resource. Next year I will write an article about this and I will cite you as a source. I am going to have some fun with that flash :)

    Once again thanks