ColdFusion 8 Released

Posted by Aaron West at 8:59 AM in ColdFusion

I would've bet money CF8 would be released at CFUnited this year. Luckily, no money was lost. However, Adobe's first release of ColdFusion is now available.

Pimp it.

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2 Responses to ColdFusion 8 Released

  1. Adam Reynolds

    I love what they've done with CF 8 but their pricing policy absolutely stinks.

    US = $7500, UK price = $9000 (after conversion).

    Adobe are making it extremely difficult for developers to sell Coldfusion as a solution to clients. :/

    Thankfully there is now an open source CFML engine out there: http://www.smithproject.org/

    Adobe are doing good stuff but their pricing policy(CS3 included) really is alienating their non-US developer base, and I can't see the US dev base being too happy about the CF price hike either.

    Something needs to be done because Adobe is destroying the credibility of CF this side of the pond.

  2. Hey Adam, thanks for your comments. As a community rep for Adobe I'll definitely forward your comments to right folks on the product team. However, I would encourage you to submit your comments directly to Adobe as well. They do read what you send in from this form: