twitterAIR 1.1.2 Released

Posted by Aaron West at 12:06 PM in twitterAIR, Adobe AIR, Flex

I've made some minor updates and fixed some annoying bugs in twitterAIR. The new version, 1.1.2, is available here or by clicking the "twitterAIR" link in the downloads pod to the right. Users with twitterAIR already installed will be prompted to update on the next app restart.

Here's what has changed:

  • Fixed a bug where clicking any link in a tweet would cause tweets to randomly lose their text. As you scrolled up and down - with the scrollbar arrows or the scrollbar track - tweet text would be missing from different and seemingly random messages. As you continued scrolling, tweet text would be appear and disappear randomly. In order to resolve this I had to switch from my custom HTMLText component to the built-in Text component and dump the rollover affect on links.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the Twitter user links (http://twitter.com/[username]) in each tweet would open up two browser windows.
  • Fixed a bug where the error pop-up window would be created more than once if several errors occurred before the original error window was closed. When this happened there was no way to get all the error windows closed.
  • Added support for displaying the app name in the "from" text in the tweets displayed on twitter.com. This was accomplished by working with the folks at Twitter to set up the super secret (not really) handshake between the app and their servers. Thanks to Alex at Twitter for taking care of this!!
  • Added tooltip styling to areas of the tweet messages.

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  1. Oi mate. I just noticed.

    If I use the entire maxlength of the input, it will not allow me to hit Enter, unless I back out 1 character.