twitterAIR 1.1.0 Released

Posted by Aaron West at 2:12 PM in twitterAIR, Adobe AIR, Flex

I've updated twitterAIR - my AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) / Twitter application - with some new features. Thanks to those of you who have submitted comments and suggestions. Below is an excerpt of the changelog illustrating the new features. You can get the new version by pressing the appropriate link in the Downloads pod to the right, or by clicking here.

  • Added minimize button.
  • Switched the twitterAIR and trajiklyhip.com logo positions.
  • Added support for typing "@username" in the input box. If you begin a tweet with @username, the typed username will be matched against your friends list.
  • Added support for sending direct messages with "d username message."
  • Added support for viewing direct messages. Press the DIRECT button to view your messages.
  • Added hyperlink support for the twitter.com/username links in the top right of each tweet. Clicking the text will now load the user's twitter page.
  • Added support for the @username callouts and URL's. Any @username text and hyperlink (http://, https://, or www) can now be clicked.
  • Separated the e-mail and blog parts of the feedback text (in the Settings window) so my e-mail address can be copied/pasted while my blog URL can still be clicked.
  • Added support for version tracking. When new versions of the app are released you will be prompted to update.

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12 Responses to twitterAIR 1.1.0 Released

  1. William from Lagos

    Very cool @awest. I use your app all the time and I love it.

  2. Glad you like it William. The new build is pretty good except for the newly introduced scrolling oddity where some tweet messages are not displayed. This is a problem with the Flex ItemRenderer and it losing the reference to the data in an ArrayCollection. I've dealt with this issue before on a different project and will get it squashed.

  3. Nice work Aaron! I'm liking the updates

  4. I'm digging it. I'm also happy that it doesn't have huge memory requirements. Great work!

  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Some of Andy J's feedback made it directly into the app! Also, Andy M. pointed out the "@username" syntax was matching against my friends list instead of the logged in user. I fixed that with a quick dot release (which you should be notified about if your version is older).

  6. Nice work, shame you can't resize the window - or have i missed something. But as i say, great work!

  7. William from Lagos

    Yeah resizing will be a cool feature. I noticed Pownce AIR app has got that feature. How can it be achieved Nick Tong?

  8. Love it, really nice and really usable. Best windows twitter ap I've come across. Some of my tweet contents vanish tho leaving
    just the person's name and the time. Is this the "The new build is pretty good except for the newly introduced scrolling oddity where some tweet messages are not displayed" that you referred to earlier? Will the app let me know when there is an upgrade?

  9. Another small bug spotted, when I click on the url to the right of the twitterer's name
    the page gets launched twice

  10. Nick, I hear you. In fact the most requested feature thus far is resizing. I'm working on trying to make this possible but given the use of fixed width/height background graphics I'm not sure what I'll be able to do without redesigning the entire app.

    William - Pownce pulled off resizing by choosing not to use any custom background graphics. Everything you see in Pownce relating to styling (other than the buttons) is pure Flex-based CSS styling. I chose to build my own gradient fill, fixed width/height background graphic to make twitterAIR look better (my opinion of course) at the expense of not having resizing. We'll see what I can come up with as soon as my Powerbook is returned from Apple.

    Jane - Thanks for your comments. I've replicated the duplicate URL loading issue though it seems to happen every other time for me. I'll definitely get this fixed in the next release. And yes, you are correct about the scrolling oddity - it's a problem with a specific use of components in Flex. I should be able to knock this one out as well.

  11. I forgot to answer one more question... Jane, yes twitterAIR will let you know when there's an update available. Each time you launch the app it checks to see if there's an update. If there's a newer version you'll see a message at the top of the app with a link to download the update.

  12. Igor Augusto

    Just need portuguese characters support.

    Nice program =D