AIR Application Testing

Posted by Aaron West at 2:47 PM in Adobe AIR, Flex

If you're on Mac or Windows and you'd be interested in testing a new Flex 3 / AIR / Twitter application, leave a comment on this entry. Be sure to enter a valid e-mail address or I won't know how to contact you.

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6 Responses to AIR Application Testing

  1. Arron I would be interested to help, I am currently toying aroun with VMWare on Windows XP Pro.

  2. I'll be happy to help too. On Mac OS X

  3. William from Lagos

    Hey, I'm also interested. Send me a copy.

  4. I'm on winders. I can help test..

  5. I've responded to each of you (thus far) except for Mike Brunt. Mike your e-mail address bounced.

  6. I'll be happy to test on Windows Vista.