I Got the Chicken Sandwhich Shaft

Posted by Aaron West at 1:50 PM in Personal

My Friday was going pretty good until I decide to finally eat lunch only to discover I've received the chicken sandwich shaft. The plastic wrapped 3-pack of chicken sandwiches was missing a key component.

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5 Responses to I Got the Chicken Sandwhich Shaft

  1. Joe Simes

    By the looks of those things the shaft might have been a blessing in disguise!!

  2. Oh man!
    I had Caribbean jerk chicken for lunch today.
    Oooo it was hot, hot, hot!

  3. hmmm yeah are you sure that is even chicken? My vote is for some sort of hybrid mushroom chicken-like patty.

  4. It's chicken and they're pretty good actually. The photo - taken with my Treo 700p - does make them look a bit nasty.

  5. ah ok, The treo cameras do wash things out.