Anatomy Of An AIR File

Posted by Aaron West at 1:22 PM in Apollo, Adobe AIR, Flex

The Apollo Alpha and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) both package up your Flex or HTML applications as an .air file that you distribute to your end users. The user simply double-clicks the .air file to install the application and begin using it like any other installed app. But what's in a .air file? Why not take a look for yourself? Simply change the extension from .air to .zip and take a peek.

You'll find the following items:

  • the SWF files built from compiling your application
  • external files you've included in the app (icons, images, videos)
  • a meta-inf (meta information) folder that includes your application descriptor file (application.xml)
  • several files that perform the installation

You may be thinking the ability to introspect AIR applications is a security risk to your code. For now, .air files cannot be protected to keep people from looking at their contents.


Apollo onAIR Bus Tour Details

Posted by Aaron West at 8:59 AM in Apollo, Adobe AIR

Riding the success wave from ApolloCamp (San Francisco) is onAIR, Adobe's traveling circus of coding fun. That's my description any way. Loading up the Prevost Le Mirage on July 10 are Adobe AIR team members and execs with the list reading like a who's who among Flash developers. Christian Cantrell, Mike Chambers, Kevin Lynch, Ryan Stewart, Mike Downey, and Ted Patrick among them.

The onAIR bus tour encompasses 3 jam-packed weeks of travel, hitting 18 cities in North America to evangelize and showcase the latest in Adobe AIR development from the folks that build it. Things get kicked off in Seattle on July 10 and culminate at the Adobe MAX conference in Chicago on September 29.

Here's a list of a few onAIR tour goodies you may want to follow in the coming weeks:

Web site:

onAIR blog:

Live bus video feed:

Latest bus photos:


I'll post more resource links here as I gather them.