How To Be A Poor Presenter

Posted by Aaron West at 1:59 PM in ColdFusion, General

I've seen some pretty awesome presentations when attending technology conferences. Many of them were by incredible presenters like Ben Forta and Hal Helms. I've also seen some really, really terrible presentations where the audience is embarrassed just attending. Below is a video of some examples of what NOT to do when presenting (note: these examples aren't real and I've seen far worse). Some of the things to avoid relate directly to technology preso's while others relate to any subject.

And since I'm not a fan of bringing up a problem without a potential solution I'm listing some links regarding how to present effectively. Please list in the comments any additional tips or links that would prove helpful.

Presentation tips:

How not to present:


Ben Forta Speaking Tonight!

Posted by Aaron West at 9:38 AM in User Groups, ColdFusion

Ben Forta is speaking tonight on the next release of ColdFusion here in Nashville, TN. The presentation will start at approximately 7:00pm CDT. While only pre-registered attendees are eligible for the Scorpio and Flex Builder 2 w/Charting giveaways, each attendee will receive a copy of Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover.

If you're in the Nashville area I highly recommend you come out to this free event! All the details are listed on the Nashville ColdFusion User Group Web site (