There's a good bit of buzz in the blog-o-sphere about Microsoft's new Surface technology. I've watched the demo's on the site, read the background information and yes it is really cool stuff. I especially like the idea that I can put my smartphone on top of the table and drag content to the device. Whether it's music, spreadsheets, maps or directions, the idea just seems really compelling to me. But is any of it really new? Well over a year ago I was watching demo videos of very similar technology (see below) that included various usages of surface computing. I suppose the idea of surface computing is nothing new but Microsoft's implementation is. And as far as I know their technology will be the first to reach the market and be available for consumers in the winter of 2007.

View the videos below and see what you think.

Bumptop 3D Desktop Prototype

Multi-touch technology from Adobe TED

UPDATE: 07.24.2007 Check out this parody "Surface" video

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